I can't seem to find the answer to a relatively simple research question.

The question is, Did monks and nuns live together (not together-together, obviously, but in the same institution)?How did that work?

It seems that there were very few communities with both monks and nuns. Fine. I expected that. The one example I have is Ken Follett's World Without End, where monks and nuns live in the priory of the fictional Kingsbridge Cathedral, sharing the church, but their financial affairs are separate, their buildings are separate, their obedientries are separate.

*(obedientries---special positions that nuns/ monks have in their communities)

I've written my fake priory to be a more integrated sort of place: the buildings between monks and nuns are certainly separated and the monks and nuns have their own leaders, but their finances are shared, the obedientries are mixed, etc.

I suppose I could just go with what I've done, as long as I make it plausible. But is it plausible? :/


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