Downton Abbey and other things

I kept reading about a British series called Downton Abbey on various historical fiction blogs. So when it aired on PBS as part of Masterpiece, I decided to give it a try. It's like the rule of advertising/ marketing from college--if a consumer hears of it three times, then they might read your book/ watch your movie/ buy your product.

They showed Downton Abbey in four episodes over here and I really did enjoy it. It begins when the Titanic sinks and the Earl of Grantham's heirs die on the ship in 1912. By the last episode, it is summer 1914 and WWI has just been declared. It's Edwardian drama: a title and an estate, a new heir, three sisters (one of whom wants to know why her father can't just separate her mother's money from the title and give it all to her), a new car (and the new chauffeur), servants, and a brand-new telephone. Another season is supposed to start filming soon.

I have my Downton Abbey ship. So, I've been reading fanfiction again. And reading a book about Henry VIII's court. Woot.


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