I may have mentioned a few posts ago that a favorite author was putting together a wiki for her entangled series.

I decided to try my hand at doing one as well. In fact, I'm doing two.

The first one (and more complete) is for Iggy. It's so I can keep track of the characters, the settings, and all the little historical bits in a more easily searchable sort of way. I'm linking it here:

Iggy's Wiki

You won't be able to edit anything, but if there's anything you may know or have seen (YouTube clips, links, pictures) that I don't have up, let me know via this blog (and not email, which will be lost and forgotten) and I will gladly add it in. Feel free to explore it.

Also, I'm doing a wiki for that romance novel trilogy I tried to write as well. Will link it when it's further along.

Also: I have got to stop biting my nails this year. I keep getting sick from work and the nail-biting is finally becoming a health problem, which takes away from writing. Any advice?


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