Reasoning With Vampires

 I read the Twilight books to figure out what the hell the world was talking about around the time the first movie came out.

"Vampires?" said I.

Then I finished the series because it's only 4 books and hell, I've read romance novel series that last for 12 books! I read the Harry Potter books in six weeks! I read Gone With the Wind when I was 12, dammit! (Wow, could I be a bigger geek?)

I liked Twilight well enough. It was entertaining, mildly amusing. I hated New Moon, was annoyed by Eclipse, and detested Breaking Dawn. Edward strikes me creepy. Jacob is...weird. And Bella! Do not get me started on that chick!

There's a new blog link in the sidebar to the left: Reasoning With Vampires. Hysterical. The blogger has taken apart each of the books and criticized the sentence structure, grammar, spelling, etc.

Kind of reminds me of what the first or second draft copies of Book the First looked like. Except, you know, I can write coherent sentences and use commas properly. Although, I have to say, re-reading what I wrote during NaNo, I'm starting to doubt that proper English, coherent sentence-thing. It's more fake Tudor England-like. I'm weaning myself off of that with the rewrite though. "Thee" and "thine" do not make me happy. In fact, they remind me of having to read Hamlet for five months in high school. Grrr.


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