NaNoWriMo is here!!

Hey peeps,

Here be the month of manic writing. Just updated my time zone on the NaNo website ( and my word counter updater window popped out at the top of my page. I iz updated. Phase one of day one of NaNo is over. 1383 words so far. Inner editor keeps trying to rear its ugly head. I'll start typing a phrase, then realize it's not what I wanted to say and go back to delete it. Minor inner editor (the real one will appear later in the day, I think).

(I'm aiming for between 1,667 words and 2,000 words daily, by the way)

Just to let you know--in the left hand, top corner of the blog, you'll see a link that says Word Count Updated Here. It leads to a Nano widget, so you can keep up on my word count as I update it throughout the month. I couldn't figure out how it embed it. That'll be my next task.


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