Nano: Day 9

The Inner Editor is angry because I had to improvise the Battle of Flodden Field.

You see, one of my characters, the villain of sorts, Sir Robert, fights at Flodden, a battle that occurred because the King of Scots figured that, with Henry VIII out of the country capturing Tournai from the French, he'd slip into the north of England and wreak havoc.

He ended up dying at the battle.

Now, I'm pretty sure I have a source bookmarked (one from Google Books), but I didn't exactly have time to read it, absorb, then interpret it into fiction. I.E (we'll call the Inner Editor...Buzzy) insisted I do so, to get the tone and battle accurate.

I said no, I need to make 15,000 words.

So I wrote a quickie one-page scene of my character riding around, hacking people to death with a spear, then seeing the King of Scots carried off the field, dead. His bloody coat is taken up and sent to Queen Catherine, who was the Regent while the King was away. Hardly a good scene, but it fills its page well and it contributes to word count. Plus, it helps develop the time period and Sir Robert, who has no sons and is currently deciding whether or not he wants to make his nun sister's son Ignatius his heir or not.

Buzzy is displeased.

Oh, and also: Word counts curly quotes as, well, words. The word counter on the Nano website does not. So I need to write more than 50,000. Yikes.


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