Nano: Day 26--I am a Winner!

Dear friends,

I have completed my first NaNoWriMo with 50,047 words. Thank you for your support over the last 26 days!

I have definitely learned a lot from this experience. I'm going to keep updating my word count on the website until the very last on November 30th, so stay tuned for the full November word count total.

I am, however, barely even halfway through my novel. So December will be more writing from me, hopefully at a slightly less frenetic pace, but still maintaining the non-interference from the Inner Editor that I have achieved this month.

Plus use of Write or Die. If you have not played with that, I urge you to. I wrote my last 238 words in 5 minutes due to the screen turning red every time I paused. Motivation, much?

Iggy still has a lot of writing to go, but I wouldn't even be this far without NaNo. It's a disorganized mess at the moment, the writing needs a lot of polishing, research must be done (okay, a lot of research has to be done), I need to limit the number of third-person POVs I have going...

but the scenes are really fresh for having been written so quickly. They're also wordy because of the word count thing.

Soo...--here's to another month of SunflowerWriMo.



  1. YEA!!!! Congrats on this awesome accomplishment and for beating the time by 4 days :) Hopefully one day you'll share the semi-final product


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