Nano: Day 25 and Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!

A short update on the Nano-ness: I am (according to Word) at 46, 675 words. I pasted the story into the Nano Word Count validator--don't want any surprises when I send it in to verify and win for my 50,000. It's not as bad as I thought. Just a 130 word discrepancy. So I will be aiming for 50,130 words. And I can keep updating up until the very last. Woohoo!

Also: how many of you saw the American Music Awards last Sunday? I caught the latter third or so of it (thankfully missing Justin Bieber in the process).

So I caught this:

The uber group of boybands. Oh yeah.

Which caused me to start humming Joey McIntyre's "Stay the Same." I taped that song off the radio in junior high. Haven't thought about those ghetto mixed tapes in years.

Listening to "I Want It That Way" 


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