Nano: Day 13

Today's topics come from Nano's Procrastination Station, right on the home page.

There's a thread in the "This is Going Better Than I Hoped" forum on Nano about Things in your novel you didn't know...but your characters did.

So far, of my current 21,829 words, here are some of my surprising moments from my characters:

1. I didn't know Iggy was so terrified of St. Osana
St. Osana was a Northumbrian princess, before the Conquest, who died and was revered as a saint (though not canonized) because one day, a priest's mistress sat on Osana's crypt. Suddenly, she couldn't move. Osana then rose from the dead to whip the woman, who repented her ways. I assume the priest also repented. Iggy is terrified of this story as a child, thinking that that is what will happen to his mother should he actually say that she's his mother aloud.

2. I didn't know that Sir Robert didn't have any sons. 
Well, ok, I kind of planned that he wouldn't have any sons, thus making Iggy his heir. But I didn't realize that his wife had had miscarriage after miscarriage and stillbirth after stillbirth in the process.

3. I didn't know Tom loved animals so much. That gentleness is why Isabel is infatuated with him and refuses to think that way about Iggy.

4. Tom has a pet rat. It appeared last night around 2 am.

5. I thought Iggy would be brooding. He's not.

The other spotlighted thread is called "The non-WriMo you couldn't do without." The OP mentions that most people don't get it--NanoWrimo, of course, but also the act of writing and creating itself. Why bother doing this to yourself? It's not going to come out good. You'll never get it published. Writing's something you do on the weekends (I'm actually quoting someone directly there).

But the OP also talks about how her story involves the military. She knows an ROTC cadet whom she asked some questions to and he's been incredibly encouraging.

I've told all of you, of course, a co-worker I'm close to, a few other acquaintances and the agent I read for that I'm doing this. Thank you guys for your support and at the very least, your interest and encouragement. I tend to keep my plots and characters close to my chest (or this blog) and not really discuss it with anybody else for a myriad of reasons. But it's cool to go into work and have the girl I told ask, "Hey, how's your book?"

Of course, little do they know that this is my 4th book. Maybe 4th time's the charm? As in, when it's time to revise, I'll actually feel that it's coming out all right?

Enough randomness from me. I need to write before I have work tonight and I'm slightly hungover-feeling. Thanks for reading.


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