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WTF Boston? 7

Taken outside the Charlestown Navalyard, Charlestown, Boston. The sign reads: "The Official Trolley Tour of the Boston Red Sox."
They need a fucking official trolley tour?

Therapy, Romance Novels, and Recession-themed

When I was 15, I was sent to a psychologist because the semester before, the 2nd semester of my freshmen year at Overcrowded Queens High School, my English teacher had told my father that I obviously followed what was going on in class (duh, we read Romeo and Juliet that semester--not exactly the hardest text to understand), but I never said anything.

Well, duh. I never raised my hand in class--on through to grad school, in fact--so what made that class so fucking special that I should've raised my hand?
This will come as no surprise to anyone who went to school with me. I've not much of a talker or pontificator and I only like my own voice when it's written as opposed to spoken (I hate hearing my own voice, especially over answering machines).
But, truth be told, I was miserable in Miserable Junior High School and even more miserable when I was among my fellow Big Fish In Little Pond Honors Children. I distinctly remember feeling sad on a continual basis when I was about …

WTF Boston? 6

This week:
those wacky MIT folks.
Building on the MIT campus:

This post has nothing to do with writing--and may be awfully abstract. It's also not going to be set for email send outs (I do that sometimes to keep people on their toes.)
What does friendship mean to you?
I'm asking because when I look back on my 24 years of existence, friends have played a large part in my life. Being an only, of course, the only way to make friends was to...well, make them. The closer ones are like sisters. It's with some surprise that I realized that I've known my high school friends for ten years now; in some ways, it doesn't feel that long.
I've been able to make friends at every school I've attended. I don't keep in touch with all of them--some by the natural course of falling away, some by fractures like distance. One of my best friends stopped talking to the other member of the Triumverate and I a few summers ago and it was confusing and upsetting. We'd been friends since we were very young--sure, we'd gone different ro…

WTF? Boston 5

This was taken in the Charlestown Naval Yard, where the USS Constitution--Old Ironsides--is at anchor.
This sign is on a tower-rig on the way back from the ship and back to the Freedom Trail.
It read: "Ouch! It shouldn't happen to a dog! Wear Safety Shoes!" Note that the person depicted is a person and not a dog--in fact, there's no dog at all.
Speculation, anyone?

WTf? Boston 4

Our 4th installment of WTF? Boston is the mysterious address on the label on the empty cup of OJ.
One Au Bon Pain Way.
Trust me, the street sign did not say Au Bon Pain Way.

WTF Boston? 3

This week's WTF? Boston:
The sign says "The greatest fish story ever told." It's outside a restaurant in the North End of Boston. A fish restaurant, yes. So we know where the story ends, I guess...