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Roomie's in a Music Vid! a student music vid, but still...
Loud Machines--The Less

Numbered Lists of Advice

The more helpful (to me) of the two:
A readers' advice to writers.

And a bunch of contradictory advice from various writers, which reminds me why I never find anything worth buying in the Writing/ Reference section at Barnes & Noble:
Ten Rules for Writing Books

Revision Blues

I finished reading Persuasion last night. There was some giggling, as well copious tears as I read Captain Wentworth's desperate note to Anne at the very end. It's only the best letter I've ever read in a novel and so well built up to that I cried like a baby and rolled around in bed afterwards, so damn satisfied, literarily speaking. I don't cry while reading--I've done that exactly three times in my life--but I was so thrilled at the method Captain Wentworth chose and how he couldn't take Anne not knowing how he felt and his words--yeah, so I cried.

It inspired me to write a scene between Eva and Brixton, about a month before the action starts, lazing around in the Public Garden, Brix gently pushing Eva's buttons by bringing up their lack of a romantic relationship (his motivation) and Eva skirting around the topic, with Brix backing down, because he doesn't ever tell Eva what to do or make her do something she really doesn't want to--which can be …

Critique Groups

Found a post on critique groups at Word Wenches today: Ask a Wench: Critique Groups. Something I've been pondering over the last year or so. I know that for myself, writing whatever it is I'm working on first, then forcing it on people seems to work, if only so I can get the starts and stops of a first draft out of the way first. Then again, having this blog to complain to also helps because I can send out a large mass hair-pulling moment and get replies! Yay!

From perusing various writing craft books in B&N, here's what I've surmised about writing: there's no right or wrong way to go about it. It's subjective. Therefore, I guess, no one can really claim to be an expert, huh?

At Word Wenches, several of the authors noted that in past critique groups, the people became nit-picky instead of being "big picture" kind of people--full plot, character, setting. That's definitely something I experienced in the workshopping classes I took in college. You…

1 Whole Year of Blog!

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, dear blog!

Happy birthday to you!

Yup. It's been one year since I started this blog and this here journey of actually writing and actually ending my stories instead of treating them as unimportant or using something as an excuse to not continue with it. I wanted a way to remember my developing process--and here it is! I wanted to reconnect with friends I felt a little distant from at the time and open up a dialogue and channels to talk to each other. I'm an only child; I have a lot of imaginary friends (you've met some of them, reading this blog), but the real ones are the only ones who (sometimes unfortunately) talk back with contrary ideas.

It's been a great year, as far as the writing goes, in a very educational year of unemployment, writing, employment, resume-sending, and studying up on what I can pretentiously call "my craft."

I think this time, last year, I was seeking a way to make my w…

From Yahoo

Opened up my homepage--Yahoo!--and along with a headline about a 15-year-old in Japan who wrote an entire book using her phone (and therefore, her thumbs--ow!), there was this:

4 Reasons Why Twilight is Bad For Your Love Life

26 becomes 37

Today was a snow day--we have about a foot of snow outside here in Queens and even the kids had the day off. (Note, for those of you not in NYC: today was only the 3rd snow day in 8 years. I had two snow days growing up.)

So what does one do when snowbound?
Read, of course! Or in my case, re-number chapters. I went through each notation on my hard copy today (notes like: "Add scene here" or "Good break for a Jade scene") and parsed out the chapters once again. What was once 26 chapters is now going to be 37. Hopefully, those chapters are more focused and will improve flow and how the plot and backstory are weaved through.
Tomorrow begins the deleting of the parts I've crossed out on the hard copy, so stay tuned.

So I finished highlighting the manuscript today, which means that the quest for the Marginally OK Draft (Draft 2) is now underway. Just thought I'd share some pics.

The envelope where my ms. lives.

Hmm. So that's what 259 pages looks like.


Through some forced-upon discussions with friends and these early set-ups for revision, I'm coming to realize that a) not only am I telling a great deal and not showing but b) my main male lead needs a redeeming quality and c) I have way too much backstory going on here. Whole chunks of it. D) I have a lot of themes running rampant. E) I haven't quite gotten the characters into realistic-character-land yet. F) How do I get non-POV characters to be real, sympathetic people when the story is 1st person?

But anyway. Other things I've been contemplating:
How do chefs think? I have a character who is a chef.
How do photographers think? Visually, I suppose, and analytically.
What's it like having a broken leg?
Does suicide, in fact, run in families?
How does hypnosis work?
What's at the root of trust issues?
Ah...Marginally OK Draft on its way...