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First of all, David Cook sang this on the Carrie Underwood Holiday Special Monday night:

Umm, RCA--I don't know whose in charge of releasing his singles and all, but y'all are out of touch. Release "Lie"!

On another note, there was a blog recently at Word Wenches about music

that I thought I'd play off of. The majority of comments there suggested that when writing, professional authors tend to listen to songs with no lyrics while writing to keep them in the mood but to not distract them.

Sometimes I listen to music when I write, sometimes I don't, but I listen to music off of my iTunes list, which all contain lyrics. I played classical and instrumental music when I played (read:was forced to) the violin as a preteen and while melodies and harmonies are intricate and beautiful in their own right, it just doesn't do it for me. I'm a word girl, so I like lyrics.

I had a song that kept me going while writing the Regency romance novel--it's a post-grunge song by a band called MWK and it is "One True Thing." I had a playlist while writing Book the First as well. And I have one for the story I'm writing now.

Warning: Here be spoilers. Whatever. It's not like a) anyone reads this and b) none of you know what happens in this story anyway.'s great blogging to yourself.

1. Circles' Anthem, MWK describes the first scene: Eva Fontaine is running away from her brother's wedding rehearsal dinner, away from her estranged father. The first verse in particular ("What I say is not what you mean/How I love is not how you feel, right?/How I am is nothing to you/How you leave is nothing to me, right?), plus the sort of dark and sinister-ish instrumentation gave me the kind of vibe I was looking for.

2. Losing Grip, Avril Lavigne takes off from where "Circles' Anthem" leaves off. I think it's got Eva's anger toward her father in it ("Why should I care? 'Cuz you weren't there when I was scared/I was so alone") and the disorientation she feels when she wakes up in Jade Preston's body ("I'm starting to trip/ I'm losing my grip/ And I'm in this thing alone").

3. Mother, John Lennon encapsulates Eva's past. "Mother, you had me/ But I never had you" was John Lennon's reference to his mom giving him up to his auntie to raise, but for Eva, it's about her mother dying before Eva can even remember. "Father, you left me/ But I never left you" is Eva's dilemma with her dad. He leaves the kids to be raised by his parents, visiting every once in a while, making promises he doesn't keep.

4. Breathe Tonight, David Cook "Can you breathe tonight/ As the air is leaving you/Scream tonight/Like the words are new to you/Can we go back to the last time my arms could carry you?/Breathe tonight/ You're alive" is the chorus--I keep hearing it as the accident and then Jade coming to in a dark space, not able to move. Especially this line: "Lost, don't leave me in the dark alone."

5. You're My Best Friend, Queen High school age Eva, making close friends that play parts in her adulthood. It's especially relevant to Eva and Brixton, since Freddy Mercury was singing it about his female best friend.

6. Anodyne, MWK I adore this song, so....really all of it fits in with the larger themes of the story.

7. Because of You, Kelly Clarkson Eva in her teen years, resentful of her father, angry over her mother's death, fearful that her dark moods will lead her over the edge like her mother.

8. Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson There's one scene where Eva is standing at the Esplanade on the Charles River in Boston and looking out at the view. A chapter later, she and Brix have moved away to New Orleans for college and stand by the Mississippi. I kind of imagine this song playing over those parts.

9. A Place in This World, Taylor Swift "I'm alone/On my own/ And that's all I know/I'll be strong/I'll be wrong/ Oh, but life goes on/Oh, I'm just a girl/ Trying to find a place in this world." Eva finding her way through college.

10. Tears in Heaven, Eric Clapton Brix receives tragic news: his father has died in a car accident--though the accident turns out to be intentional. The only person who knows what it's like to lose a parent in that way is Eva, though she can't remember it and is grieving with Brix.

11. Don't Let Me Stop You, Kelly Clarkson plays double duty. On the one hand, Jade is saying the lines to Brix, "If you wanna leave, baby, you can leave." On the other, in college, Eva is saying that to her college boyfriend after he insinuates that Brixton, who is, um, sewing his oats as it were, has the ideal male lifestyle.

12. Bar-ba-Sol, David Cook is a song about getting drunk. Which Brix does a lot of after his father's death.

13. I Do Not Hook Up, Kelly Clarkson is Eva, post-break up with her boyfriend Daniel. She's had it with men and puts a lot of work into her two majors.That's not to say she's not tempted.

14. Womanizer, Britney Spears is what Brix is. Imagine a montage of a lot of different women, lots of making out, lots of beer, and lots of sex-- sex against a wall in a bar, which Eva happens to witness. Yup.

15. All In Your Head, Rooney is a time jump from college to 2006. Brix is fresh out of culinary school, has a job, has lost many of the darker impulses he had in college and reconnects with a high school friend named Lana. They begin dating, but Brix doubts that he's the right one for her ("You need somebody nice/ Someone with patience") and Lana isn't in love with Brix, but an idea of him ("Well I'm not what you think or dreamed of/ It's all in your head")

16. Lie, David Cook is a time jump. In the past (2006), it is Brix not wanting to face that he's due back to the States and he has to leave Eva in Paris, where she lives. ("So lie to me and tell me that it's gonna be all right/ So lie to me and tell me that we'll make it through the night"). In 2009, the entire song fits Eva-as-Jade, who feels increasingly desperate to find a way out of this body, and Brixton, who has to readjust his perception of what's real and what's possible.

17. Hotel Paper, Michelle Branch is Lana's thoughts on Eva and Jade's thoughts on Brix: "And I wanted to be/ giving you everything/ She's not giving."

18. Incarcerate, Axium "I'll swim in you/ If you'll drown in me/ Search everywhere for a happy ending/Incarcerate, rest peacefully/ Where you are." Love? Death? Spiritual? An overall kind of song, then.

19. Yesterday, The Beatles You know I had to get one in here! "Yesterday/ All my troubles seemed to so far away/ Now it looks as though they're here to stay/ Oh, I believe in yesterday." Regret over lost love. Check.

20. Forever Fall, MWK This is Brix's thoughts on Eva and their daughter, Aimee, born in 2007. "I love you more than the sands and the rains and the winds could ever say" is about Aimee. "My jaded love, all I have for you is pain" is about Eva.

21. What Can I Say, Carrie Underwood feat. Sons of Sylvia is Eva and Brix in the past and Brix and Jade in the present, if that makes any sense. "And I'm not sorry that it's over/ But for the way we let it end." "How did it come to this? I think about you all the time/It's no excuse, but I wish/ I'd never made you cry."

22. Better Day, To Have Heroes Brix and Jade. "All apologies, my dear/ I know you feel like I'm not here/And part of me is missing all the time/ I only give you half of me/ 'Cause I'm afraid the rest of me/Will scare you into leaving me behind."

23. Fall To Pieces, Avril Lavigne"I don't want to fall to pieces/ I just want to sit and stare at you/ I don't want to talk about it/ And I don't want a conversation/ I just want to cry in front of you" illustrates Eva and Brix's friendship.

24 & 25 Let Go, David Cook & Why Don't We Do It in the Road,Dana Fuchs. Sex. Okay?

26.My Last Request, David Cook is my working title.

27. Fall Back Into Me, David Cook Everyone is back in their correct bodies, but everything has changed. "We've been here before/ We'll be here again/ So go on and rest your head/ Before you lose it again" are the first lines. Angst, people, angst.

28. Peace of Mind, Axium"With life on hold/ Say goodbye to old habits of circumstance" is my overarching theme. Plus it's the ultimate love song. "You are love/ You are life/ You are peace of mind."

And that concludes my playlist.


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