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HAPPY 2010, all!

2010 is the Year of the Tiger....

...and I was born in a Tiger watch out world!

(if you go by the skewed version of the Chinese calendar that the Japanese use. Our New Year starts Jan 1. The Chinese New Year starts later. So I'm not sure the Chinese would say I'm a tiger.)
So here's the problem with a prolonged writing project: it can take a while.

I'm not quite up to the two-year process I've heard from authors like Ian McEwan and Phillippa Gregory, but over the course of a few months, life happens. And when life happens and brings changes, it affects the writing. Not just the quality of it, but the sense of inspiration and the pattern of work that carries a writer through the process of writing an entire book. The longer the book goes, the longer it takes to write, the more chances that that kind of thing happens.

And I'm afraid that I'm losing it. I've lost it before--many, many times--and usually, in the past, I just stopped. I quit the story, making it unable to work or unable to get totally enamored and obsessed with it again, and moved on.

I don't want to do that with this one. I think this one is special and when the draft is done, the revision could really polish it up. The concept still excites me, but I can no longe…

Adventures in Retail: Working Overnight

1) It's boring. There are no customers in the store after about 1 am. Maybe today there will be. Procrastinating shoppers.

2) Thank God for that $5 Starbucks card.

3) The lights on the display under the mannequins make this weird mooing noise. And it's really, really funny at 4 in the morning.

4) I put the clothes on the rod from the fitting room away all night and made new tickets for the items that didn't have tickets. Oh, yeah, I did all the stuff that associates want to do during shifts, but don't 'cause they have actual customers.


This is Queens Boulevard at Union Turnpike, right by the Q46 stop. Lots of snow--there's a good 6 inches on the ground in Queens.

Music Tuesday

First of all, David Cook sang this on the Carrie Underwood Holiday Special Monday night:

Umm, RCA--I don't know whose in charge of releasing his singles and all, but y'all are out of touch. Release "Lie"!

On another note, there was a blog recently at Word Wenches about music

that I thought I'd play off of. The majority of comments there suggested that when writing, professional authors tend to listen to songs with no lyrics while writing to keep them in the mood but to not distract them.

Sometimes I listen to music when I write, sometimes I don't, but I listen to music off of my iTunes list, which all contain lyrics. I played classical and instrumental music when I played (read:was forced to) the violin as a preteen and while melodies and harmonies are intricate and beautiful in their own right, it just doesn't do it for me. I'm a word girl, so I like lyrics.

I had a song that kept me going while writing the Regency romance novel--it's a post-grun…
I don't think it's a well-kept secret that I am a naturally anxious person. I worry--about nearly everything--and get nervous easily. It's not really anything I understood about myself until I was 14 or 15 and in therapy, that yes, what I thought was shyness and a general disdain for other people was actually anxiety.

I can't ever remember being anxious about writing something down. Which is quite funny because I've read quotes in the past of people who say things like," writing is audacious". It's a little bit egotistical (totally true). It's "brave" (I think of that as one of those general artsy-fartsy terms). I think writing is egotistical ( I mean, seriously, who do you think is going to read your shit? And who's going to care about it?) and I personally believe that the pen can be mightier than the sword and expressing yourself in any clear, sharp way that may make people squirm can be considered "audacious." But I…