I stole that from Andy Skib's twitter. Someone on a message board commented that while Kyle and Andy (left and center) look like leaping rock stars, David (right) kind of looks like a cheerleader. :D

I was at my aunt and uncle's house on Long Island a few days ago for my cousin John's birthday dinner, when I was asked, "What are you doing?" I said, "Babysitting. Oh, yeah, and I wrote a book."

I was then asked, naturally enough, "What kind of book?"

"Fiction." I haven't found a sound elevator pitch to describe this story (I mean, hellooo....have you seen the awful, dragging synopsis?), so I thought I'd leave it at that. I'm not one to spill the guts of my stories to people at random. There's a time and a place for that...it's called this blog.

"What's it about? It's about us, isn't it?" My cousin Elizabeth demanded. I'm not sure why Liz thinks every story I write is somehow derived from our family because they aren't. Sure, we're quirky, but so's every other family in their own way. The only notable thing about the Athys is how freakin' loud they are.

I'm going over the first 35 pages of The Keegan Inheritance for the Emily Contest, given by the Houston branch of the Romance Writers of America. Due date is October 6th. Electronically submit (yay!) with a an application and certain formatting regulations.

Apparently 35 pages will give me up to Chapter Three, enough to establish the major plot points, plus Mady and Henry. In fact, it would end as Alex and Mady are calling on their estranged uncle's house.I think I'll cut it off in the middle of p. 35 in order for it to make sense.


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