What's the sound of one hand clapping?

Not to get all Zen Buddhist on y'all, but...um...*taps blog*...I finished it. Yeah, that's right. 5:06 am on August 16, 2009--the first romance has officially been tracked changed, which basically makes it a second draft.

254 pages at 1.5 spacing. 90,214 words (minus all the Chapter titles, dates, and occasional city identifiers)....meaning that the actual story itself is 90,214 words.

Good. Lord. I didn't I was so stinkin' verbose.

So, my pretties, I'm uploading to MegaUpload the book itself. It's all tracked changed in red for your delight, just waiting to be read and ripped apart. I have it set to by author, so apparently, if you are so inclined, you, too, can crayon-via-Microsoft Word all over it and it'll show up in a different color up to eight people.

However, it is 254 pages long.

I'm also uploading my revision letter to myself on Google Docs. Try not to laugh, because it's so fiction class 101. What can I say? I learn at my own pace. This revision letter might be a more effective way of commenting on certain aspects--I have specific questions in there that require answers. Plus, I have notes in there and I want to see if this makes sense to anyone not named Annrei--and if I achieved anything I noted down in those notes.

Thank you very much! I know you're all busy, busy people, so don't feel obligated to read. There are chapters. You can do it one chap at a time...and you have the entire work there, so no worries that I will suddenly lose the thread and stop writing.

It's too late for that, baby.

But if you want Christmas presents this year...then I suggest you read at some point. and remark. I'll even take a "that was good."

The book: Mady's Story *this is a pretty big file, so if there are any problems, let me know and I'll see about splitting it up.
*Edited to add: I split them up into two docs. Here are the URLs: Prologue-14 & 15-Epilogue

The revision notes: Revision Notes


  1. Why one hand darling? It's finished. But most importantly, it ends! Congratulations, you bluestocking.

  2. :D Thank you, Sunny! Maybe a one-handed pat on the back? That's a form of clapping, right?

  3. I think a one-hand-clap is a wave, right? But congrats on finishing not just the 1st draft but a revision too. I tried downloading it but it didn't come out as a Word Doc but one of those Mac TextEdit docs. Was that on purpose or a up/downloading glitch?

  4. Uh-oh! No, it should come down as a Word doc. I did a test download and it opened up fine. Did you check the "open up this document in" function?


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