Romance Novels for Dummies

Yeah, you're getting two in one day because I'm bored out of my mind while people are walking in and out my house, supposedly installing new heating. All I hear is saws and lawn mowers and my phone, but who am I to say nothing's getting done? Not that it really matters that I'm posting twice today, 'cause no one reads this blog anyway.

I bought a book yesterday called Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies. I thought it might answer some of my "Is the love scene okay?" and "Fuck! Pacing! Fuck!" questions I have. I haven't gotten that far yet (saws and lawn mowers are distracting! Plus, I'm sneezing like nobody's business.) It is helping on the level of "wow--this is going to be a hell of a revision process." I'm writing myself a revision letter of the thousand things that need to be better in the second draft
*going cross-eyed*

To be funny, I decided to double-space my doc (it's 1.5 spaced as I'm writing) and it grew to 315 pages. Talk about yikes! I got a little scared and returned to 1.5.


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