In the Name of Research

Just a quick note: I linked what is available of the two stories to the right----> They'll lead you to the table of contents for the relevant posts for each. I've decided not to post the historical/romance/thing that I'm doing as I look for a job on the blog, as it's too long and not finished. However, if you're truly bored/need new reading material/feel like criticizing something...

So, today, I went to Governor's Island with my cousin. There was an exhibition going on and he was supposed to set up his project (that's a whole different story right there). Now, having never been to Governor's Island, I went along, expecting to assist. Didn't quite expect research/inspiration to strike me right then.

I have been walking around for the past week, mumbling "research." Watching The Count of Monte Cristo recently gave me an idea of what a port town may have looked like in the Napoleonic Era. Re-watching a few clips from Vanity Fair reminded me of the general look of the time--plus, there are a few scenes from Waterloo in that film that are going to be super helpful in later stories. Author Candice Hern's forum is incredible for really detailed Regency-era information.

Governor's Island, which has a virtual village on it, fed me ideas for the village I made up in the current mess--which is actually in between Bristol and Bath, England, in the southwestern part of England. Governor's Island has a fort in the center, as well a brick building called the South Battery, with Revolutionary-era cannon. But there is also a common grassy area surrounded by yellow houses and a church.

And since the place is deserted and not exactly modernized, I think I might keep it as an idea of what the fake village could be.

A ferry is involved--

Not having been on a boat in a while, I guess I paid attention to the bobbing of the boat and the smell, since there are boats involved in my story. And no, (as I had to tell my cousin), it's not the Titanic.


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