Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ireland Trip: Best Scenery: The Ring of Kerry

On Wednesday, August 9th, my cousin Liz and I and the rest of the merry band of twenty people who made up our tour group set off from Limerick for County Kerry because we were going to see the Ring of Kerry.

The Ring of Kerry is a circular scenic route on the Iveragh peninsula in southwest Ireland. A lot of the roads are quite narrow, which reminded me of visits to Japan as a kid--tour buses do the route in counter-clockwise fashion and cars in clockwise. It keeps buses from bumping into each other and clogging up roads.

The Ring of Kerry easily wins best scenery of the trip. I think you'll be able to see why.

With Charlie Chaplin in Waterville, Co. Kerry

The Blind Piper pub in Caherdaniel

Village of Sneem, Co. Kerry

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Accurately Titled Novels and a travel notice

First order of business: I came across a really funny writing-related album on the Facebook: Accurately Titled Novels.

While giggling in glee at the titles (Especially the one about winning the Booker Prize, but no one's actually read the ending), I came across this one, which I think is related to my general aesthetic:

From Writers' HQ
So, I actually wouldn't mind finding this particular stock photo for the draft I'm writing now, since it's a historical mainly focused around a woman who happens to have red hair.


Second order of business: I'm going away for a few days with my only girl cousin (Girl trip!). I've no need to be cryptic about this trip, but you know, they say not to post stuff about trips on social media, which seems pretty sound advice to me. We're going to Ireland!

We won't be gone very long though, so behave yourselves!

But I shall come back with pictures and I hope, lots of anecdotes and factoids and stories--and I'm taking a notebook with me so I can jot things down (and outline the rest of the current draft, so I can hit the ground running when I'm back). I'm going to persuade my cousin, who dabbles in writing, to help me come up with a fun series of trip-related blog posts. Maybe she'll agree to guest post! 

See ya!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

IWSG: Pet Peeves

It's the first Wednesday in August, which means it's time for IWSG! Do check out the IWSG here.

I can report that the novel is plugging along. I restarted the draft in a way--there's an inciting incident in the other copy of the draft which has now happened further in the past, to make way for more action in this copy of the draft. That sounds confusing. Anyway, on to the monthly question:

What are your pet peeves when writing/reading/editing?

Writing pet peeves: people who quote writing rules constantly. "No prologues! Too much description! (Not enough description!) Where's the action--shouldn't you have action? That dialogue doesn't ring true. That dialogue is too much like how real people speak to each other."

Go. Away. Yes, knowing creative writing rules is very useful and you should totally learn them! And once you learn them, you can pick and choose which ones to ignore based on your particular stories.

Pet peeves when reading...well, it's annoying if the book turns out to be boring or far too detailed or preachy, of course. I don't like contrived plots, characters who are Too Stupid To Live, romance heroes who are just...the worst human beings (fictionally) alive, or events that don't jive with the rest of the story.

On the other hand, I've been sucked in by many a book that contained contrived plots and characters and go completely whack-a-doodle and loved them--and only really recognized the flaws later. Or sometimes I've realized as I'm reading them: "Seriously? There's a shipwreck and they're holding onto wreckage and there might be a shark or something? After everything else in this book? Are you nuts?"

Also, I really don't like being told what to read. Don't even try.