Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nano: Day 18

I am currently, as of 10:30 PM, at 33,390 words.

This means I wrote 2759 words since yesterday's blog post. I was even able to watch the last three episodes of Glee guilt-free tonight because I'm so ahead on word count.

They're not lying when they (the NaNoWriMo folks) say that Week 3 is easier than Week 2. Maybe I'll get to 40,000 by the end of the weekend?

So what is Iggy up to now? Well, his uncle is showing him all the property he owns. Which has involved me looking at maps of Yorkshire, Durham, and Northumberland in England to pick and choose their destinations and their route. I've been madly describing fields, horses, meal stops at inns, grass, trees, the sky. Iggy wrote letters to his father and his friend Isabel. Letters are fantastic. They take up so much space!

Also, I've been putting together my Iggy playlist--the songs that struck me as being related to certain characters or situations or scenes, many of which have not been written yet. There are certain actors that I vaguely imagine for some of these characters, as well.

It's alive, folks, it's alive. The story, I mean.

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