Friday, May 7, 2010

Marginally OK Second Draft: C'est fini!

12:07 am, May 7, 2010...

And I just wrote the last sentence to the second draft of the soul swapping/ paraweirdo book that I've tentatively given the working title My Last Request to.

It came out at 84, 831 words, double-space, 327 pages. I'd like it to be up at 330 pages, honestly, but that'll have to come in the 3rd draft--whenever I get to that. Think I'll do a read-through tomorrow in between reading other people's manuscripts, then, perhaps, have a few other people read it.

But, for now, c'est fini. This is the third second draft I've done from February 2009 til now.

The next draft of this? Tweaking. Trying to learn the art of pretty prose, etc. The pejorative nickname?

The Hopefully Better Third Draft.

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