Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Through some forced-upon discussions with friends and these early set-ups for revision, I'm coming to realize that a) not only am I telling a great deal and not showing but b) my main male lead needs a redeeming quality and c) I have way too much backstory going on here. Whole chunks of it. D) I have a lot of themes running rampant. E) I haven't quite gotten the characters into realistic-character-land yet. F) How do I get non-POV characters to be real, sympathetic people when the story is 1st person?

But anyway. Other things I've been contemplating:

How do chefs think? I have a character who is a chef.

How do photographers think? Visually, I suppose, and analytically.

What's it like having a broken leg?

Does suicide, in fact, run in families?

How does hypnosis work?

What's at the root of trust issues?

Ah...Marginally OK Draft on its way...

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