Thursday, January 21, 2010

Questions, Questions

So this is a question I thought of while on the phone bitching about the not-yet-finished first draft to Sunny (thank you for listening, by the way. I really appreciate it.)

How do I make a character--a major character--seem more real and redeeming when the story I'm writing has constraints--namely the first person narration?

And a more fundamental question:

What exactly is the difference between showing and telling? I thought I understood, only to find that I really don't.

Also, I just read a blog entry by a favorite romance author, Sherry Thomas, and her latest Shitty First Draft (not her first; apparently, as she's discovered, it's just how she writes) and it made me feel oodles better.Sherry Thomas: "So About His At Night..."

Barbara Dawson Smith

Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird:
Bird by Bird: Shitty First Drafts

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